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Colleen Tackaberry


Giving seniors a purpose In the Transcona community

When it comes to senior citizens of the Transcona community, Colleen Tackaberry is putting their happiness and health at the

forefront. So much so that when a disabled senior was unable to access a meal program event-she set up a card table, brought dinner to the foyer and dined with them

"I'm a real people person. I love to help people and watch them grow," says Tackaberry.

The Winnipeg-local is improving the well-being of seniors as Resource Coordinator at the Transcona Council for Seniors program.

The not-for-profit organization provides driving, exercise. meal, and support programs providing opportunities to connect, stay active, and maintain hope

What she loves most about her job is building community and giving seniors a platform or outlet after retirement.

"When we retire, we all need to feel like we still have value and like we can still provide help," she says.

Reverend Carol Fletcher describes her as a dedicated person making a difference in the community and province.

"Colleen has found a way to work within a busy schedule and make sure every program is successful," says Fletcher. "She does this all with a joyful heart and a willing spirit. Her devotion to the community Is worth celebrating."

Blue Zones are considered as places in the world where people live longer and thrive well into their elder years. Her goal is to create a Blue Zone, in Winnipeg and uses it as a motivator in her work life.

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