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Active Seniors


Benefits of Fitness

Tai Chi-relieves physical stress. Promotes deep breathing. Improves lower body leg strength. Helps with arthritis pain.

Yoga-increase your balance, gain strength, stretch and learn how to relax.

Zumba Gold- Low to moderate intensity strength training exercises to prevent reduction in musclemass, muscle strength and atrophy.

Line Dancing- a perfect exercise for improving coordination and balance, increasing cardiovascular health and brain

I AM FIT- chair exercise for strengthening the upper body as well as the lower body. Improve your strength, balance and flexibility.

Pickleball – helps to lower blood pressure, boost the immune system and reduce stress.

Scottish Dancing -  a relaxed opportunity to meet and dance with a lot of people, friends old and new.

Drums Alive- a good form of physical exercise, stress relief, boosts brain power, improves mood and enhances creativity.

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