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 A & O provides specialized services for older Manitobans across the province with the goal of their programs to empower and support older adults in the community.

A & O publishes the Winnipeg Housing Directory for Older Adults that contains information on housing for older adults in Winnipeg

The guide offers a comprehensive listing of programs and services available to seniors to help them make informed decisions about important issues in their lives.

The Seniors and Healthy Aging Branch produces a number of publications on a wide range of topics of interest to seniors, their family members and caregivers.

Residents of Manitoba age 55 and older may be eligible for assistance with monthly living costs. Certain benefits will be automatic at age sixty-five and some will require formal application. This is a guideline for reference only

Accessible transportation isn’t always easy to find. On this site you’ll find a breakdown of transportation options for seniors who don’t drive, including the pros and cons of each option.

The Home Maintenance Program is designed to help you complete tasks at home. The program provides you with names of individuals within your community, who are able to do various jobs at reasonable rates.

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