Welcome to Women Empowering Women

“We Want More“

More good health, more happiness, more joy and contentment


Our monthly meeting time will have us learning many practices to increase our overall wellness.

We are Women whom want more and we are creating a space to achieve that desired reality.
We will have speakers come to teach, motivate and educate. Knowledge is power!  We will listen and learn about meditation, movement, exercise, yoga, emotional freedom technique, energy healing, positive thinking, good nutrition, integrated medicine and much more.

We have put together The Wellness Wheel! This is a measurement for the many areas of wellness. To be balanced we need to take a hard look at each modality.  If you are strong in many areas but weak in one you will not have a complete balanced health.  The wheel is a tool, a starting point to measure ourselves and see where we want improvement. The opposite side of the wheel indicates a list of ideas and suggestions for improvement in each area!  We will start there and work towards balancing our own personal wellness wheel each month.

We will take time to share and develop friendships.  We will build our tribe of likeminded women to walk this journey together.  We will be empowered to stay motivated on our journey and have fun doing it.

We want more and we will get more ...we will no longer settle for less than we deserve!  Our time together will be positive and inspiring with no negativity allowed!!

We will expect more, strive for more and achieve more ...

Welcome to this journey of ‘living the dream’ together.  It all starts now ...it all starts here. ❤

We all deserve to walk in peace, joy and happiness.